The first thing I learned about negotiating between rival gangs is that the old rules don't work. The only way to stop those wars was to change the process, and create a community.Inventive Negotiation demonstrates exactly how it's done, no matter who or what is in conflict. Reading these stories can change the way you work with others. It might even change the world.

Father Gregory Boyle
. CEO Homeboy Enterprises, author of Tattoos on the Heart


  • Introduction: Bought a Car Lately?
  • In the 21st century the old negotiation approaches don't work anymore.
  • Chapter 1. Going Forward to the Past: A Brief History of Negotiation
  • Inventive negotiation is older than history, and more advanced than the future – and it's based on the most basic human talent: imagination.
  • Chapter 2. Spotting a Glimmer of Opportunity
  • It begins with a glimmer of hope, the vision that things can be better—even world-changing.
  • Chapter 3. Identifying and Creating Partners
  • You have to find just the right partners and sell them on your vision.
  • Chapter 4. Building Personal Relationships
  • Then you build relationships—with those on the other side.
  • Chapter 5. Designing Systems for Success
  • You create the system that makes these relationships happen.
  • Chapter 6. Getting the Team Right
  • You add exactly the right people in specific situations, including facilitators.
  • Chapter 7. Leveraging Diversity
  • You consider culture and encourage diversity.
  • Chapter 8. Exploring Place/Space/Pace
  • You meet in the right places and the right spaces, at just the right pace.
  • Chapter 9. Preparing for Emotion/Power/Ethics
  • You leverage emotion and overcome power and corruption.
  • Chapter 10. Changing Roles
  • You encourage changing roles.
  • Chapter 11. Creating Surprises
  • You use tools of innovation.
  • Chapter 12. Improvising
  • And you use the tools of improvisation.
  • Chapter 13. Playing Together Nicely
  • You keep improving the relationships in new ways.
  • Chapter 14. Reviewing and Improving
  • And even when you think you've created the best outcome possible, you keep using these strategies to create an even better, longer-lasting, and more sustainable outcome