The first thing I learned about negotiating between rival gangs is that the old rules don't work. The only way to stop those wars was to change the process, and create a community.Inventive Negotiation demonstrates exactly how it's done, no matter who or what is in conflict. Reading these stories can change the way you work with others. It might even change the world.

Father Gregory Boyle
. CEO Homeboy Enterprises, author of Tattoos on the Heart


“AND?” When spoken with a rising tone this simplest of sentences represents the essence of inventive negotiations in two ways. First, it recognizes that invention is a social activity involving you and me, and sometimes even Dick and Jane and Yoshi and Maria, as well. Second, this simplest of questions asks “what’s next” after an agreement and beyond that old “getting to yes.” It also avoids the creative killing “ya, but...” It implies a long-term relationship among partners where synergy pertains. Our book (henceforward we’ll just call it Inventive negotiations) is about a new way of thinking about human exchange, and about how to conduct inventive Negotiations in all aspects of your life – personal, commercial, political, and global.

Drawing on three decades of research and practice in international negotiation and innovation, this book will teach you both the principles and the practical steps you'll need to get beyond yes and build productive relationships for the future. Using the latest findings in neuroscience, experimental economics, socio-linguistics, virtual teams research, and network analysis, plus real-world examples from Apple, Disney, Pixar, Amazon, IDEO, Boeing, Mitsubishi, Ford, Toyota, Boeing, GM, GE, PG&E, Philips, and even the Marine Corps, the authors show you a whole new way to think about the process.

Along the way, you'll hear the first-person stories of people who have bribed their way into a Bolivian prison, talked gang members out of killing each other, and resolved the decades-long conflict in Northern Ireland. You'll learn how to get what you want from the phone company or a grumpy neighbor or a Columbian outlaw. There are lessons from experts in clowning and hostage negotiation. Plus vital insights into diverse teams and the nuances of dealing with people from other countries and cultures.

The authors offer the latest ideas about human exchange, and about how to conduct Inventive Negotiations in all aspects of life . personal, commercial, political, and global. Once you've learned the art and science of Inventive Negotiation, you'll never be satisfied with transactional or integrative bargaining again.

All of us who negotiate . and that really is all of us . would benefit from reading Inventive Negotiation. In clear prose and with wonderful examples, the authors explain the theory and practice of negotiation and how to foster long-term relationships. Every page is filled with insights that can benefit everyone, including even the most experienced negotiators.

Erwin Chemerinsky
. Dean, School of Law, UCI

A unique use of new findings on facial expressions and emotion in improving negotiations processes.

Paul Ekman
. Professor Emeritus of Psychology, UCSF author of Emotions Revealed and Telling