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The book is loaded with clear and engaging stories about inventive negotiations that I could identify with. It is also grounded in rigorous research and hard-earned wisdom that reflect the authors' wealth of real-world negotiation experiences. Their book takes the mystery out of complex global negotiations that confront most senior executives

John W. Slocum, Jr.
– Professor Emeritus, Cox School of Business, SMU former President , Academy of Management


  • Introduction: Bought a Car Lately?
  • In the 21st century the old negotiation approaches don't work anymore.
  • Chapter 1. Going Forward to the Past: A Brief History of Negotiation
  • Inventive negotiation is older than history, and more advanced than the future – and it's based on the most basic human talent: imagination.
  • Chapter 2. Spotting a Glimmer of Opportunity
  • It begins with a glimmer of hope, the vision that things can be better—even world-changing.
  • Chapter 3. Identifying and Creating Partners
  • You have to find just the right partners and sell them on your vision.
  • Chapter 4. Building Personal Relationships
  • Then you build relationships—with those on the other side.
  • Chapter 5. Designing Systems for Success
  • You create the system that makes these relationships happen.
  • Chapter 6. Getting the Team Right
  • You add exactly the right people in specific situations, including facilitators.
  • Chapter 7. Leveraging Diversity
  • You consider culture and encourage diversity.
  • Chapter 8. Exploring Place/Space/Pace
  • You meet in the right places and the right spaces, at just the right pace.
  • Chapter 9. Preparing for Emotion/Power/Ethics
  • You leverage emotion and overcome power and corruption.
  • Chapter 10. Changing Roles
  • You encourage changing roles.
  • Chapter 11. Creating Surprises
  • You use tools of innovation.
  • Chapter 12. Improvising
  • And you use the tools of improvisation.
  • Chapter 13. Playing Together Nicely
  • You keep improving the relationships in new ways.
  • Chapter 14. Reviewing and Improving
  • And even when you think you've created the best outcome possible, you keep using these strategies to create an even better, longer-lasting, and more sustainable outcome